Twine is dedicated to building the fundraising capacity of small-scale touring theatre companies. It started life as a Catalyst Arts consortium managed by The Empty Space and comprising  Northumberland Theatre Company, Theatre Sans Frontieres, Unfolding Theatre and Theatre Hullabaloo. It now takes the form of a range of freely available resources.

The first of these is a short film by Northern Stars featuring audience members explaining why touring theatre is important to them. You can watch it at the top of this page. We think it makes a pretty effective argument for touring theatre so please feel free to share it widely or embed the vimeo link in your own site.

There is also a seperate Twine website which has been set up as a space in which to collectively build a case for support for touring theatre. We've begun by populating the site with blog posts by Joanna Ridout, Annabel Turpin and Daniel Bye, and links to a range of interesting articles and  reports that contribute to the case for supporting theatre. This is just a start though and we'd love for more people to contribute so if you come across an interesting article or would like to articulate your thoughts on the value of touring theatre in a blog post then please let us know via the Twine website.

Productions - General Shots - truth about fundraising cover jpeg Twine consortium members received some really useful training and learned some valuable lessons experimenting with different forms of fundraising. Some of those experiments worked; others didn't. We thought that some of that learning might be useful for other companies so we've created The Truth About Fundraising, a collection of short articles including case studies, how to (or whether to) guides, thoughts on data sharing and answers to the many finance questions we've found ourselves asking. We hope you find it useful.