Devoted & Disgruntled

Devoted & Disgruntled is a chance to talk about theatre, what we love about it, what frustrates us, how the industry could work better, and how we can make change happen.  D&D is run in Open Space, which basically means that we don’t set the agenda in advance, everyone does that together at the beginning of each event. If there’s anything you want to talk about you’ll be able to and if you’d rather spend your time listening then that’s fine too. There are no power point presentations. There are tea and biscuits.

Devoted & Disgruntled is the brainchild of Improbable Theatre and we are proud to have been able to partner them in making these events happen in the North East.

We've held three large scale events to date in the region and you can read reports from D&DNE1,  D&DNE2 and D&DNE3 below. At the moment we don't have specific plans for the next event but they tend to happen when the time is right so if you feel that that time is now please let us know.