The Gymnast


" speak, and by a speech to end the heartache"

1975: while the West danced to Bye Bye Baby and Nixon bellowed drunken orders into the telephone, Cambodia went dark. Physical, beautiful, unflinching – The Gymnast tells of the time of the Khmer Rouge and shows the lessons still unlearned.

The Gymnast, a collaboration between the enfant terrible of dance theatre, Nigel Charnock and performance artist Jane a stunning piece that effortlessly merges the political and the personal”  

                                                                                                                                      TOTAL THEATRE

The Gymnast was produced by The Empty Space and was premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2008.

Photo by Phyllis Christopher

Cast & Crew

Co-directors Jane Arnfield & Nigel Charnock
Performer Jane Arnfield
Designer Neil Murray
Lighting Designer Malcolm Rippeth
Composer & Sound Designer John Alder
Outside Eye Alison Andrews