In-grained in the memory


An invitation to the unexplored areas of Live Theatre. Critically acclaimed international artist Kazuko Hohki and a group of north east artists have four days to devise a piece of promenade theatre to lift you out of your seat and show you Live Theatre as never before. Magical, wonderful and just plain weird - you'll never get a chance like it again.

Ingrained in the Memory was produced by The Empty Space in February 2008 as part of Live Theatre’s Building Works New Writing Festival.

Photo by Phyllis Christopher

Cast & Crew

Director Kazuko Hohki
Performers/devisors Helen Averley
  Kate Craddock
  Martim Dimis
  Thom Freeth
  Zoe Kang
  Alison McGowan
  Abigail Moffat
  Tom Walton