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To begin at the beginning... The Empty Space was founded in 2006 by Natalie Querol and Caroline Routh. There was a dearth of support for independent artists in North East England at the time so we set about filling the void with hands on producing support, mentoring, and events that connected artists and organisations within the region with each other and with their peers across the UK. Since those early days the North East of England has transformed into a region rich with support and opportunities for independent artists provided by a joined up network or venues, organisations and individuals.

What we do now... With the region's artists now so well served The Empty Space has shifted its focus to wider issues, both regional and national, that make it difficult for independent artists to flourish. We begin by identifying issues, either through talking with individual artists, or through more in depth research, and then we set about devising projects and programmes that we think might offer part of the solution. We view each project as an experiment, an extension of the original research. Current projects of this type include This Way Up which explores ways of addressing a lack of producing capacity in the region. We also work with other organisations in the region on projects including co-curating Live Theatre's Scratch Night and Bursary Programmes; managing Twine, a Catalyst consortium exploring how small touring theatre companies can collaborate to fundraise more effectively; and the North East Artist Development Network which supports artists through a programme of bursaries, a review scheme and regular Meet the Programmers events. 


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HMD dress Productions - In-grain'd - In-grain'd in the memory - grain Photo by Keith Pattinson

The Truth About...series 

Hand Me Down

Heartbreak Soup

Ingrained in the Memory



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 Sawdust and Stardust


Take Off

 Theatre Brothel

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The Gymnast

 This Way Up

Tonight Sandy Grierson will Lecture, Box and Dance

Producer Gathering